Cape Town and you want to braai a snoek

If you ever find yourself in...

24 September is a public holiday in South Africa called Heritage Day. It’s a bit of a sneaky one that kind of slipped in in 1994 when the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) got it to be included. And yay for them, because it’s a one of my favorite SA public holidays (after Christmas). It’s spring time, it’s just starting to warm up and hopefully not raining any more in Cape Town. Often, it’s the first time we braai outside for the summer season (in South Africa we call barbecues “braais”). And so, its unofficial name has become “National Braai Day” and the great freedom fighter Archbishop Desmond Tutu is the patron of National Braai Day.

Mostly braais consist of boerewors (a special South African spicy but not burny sausage), chops (lamb, beef or pork), chicken pieces and marinaded steaks (lamb, beef or pork). Sorry for the vegetarians. However, another CLASSIC Cape Town braai…

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