In Celebration of National Braai Day

In anticipation of South Arica’s Heritage Day

What The Strut

Veni vidi vici!! (I came, I saw, I conquered) – the way one should always feel after a good day of braai’ing.

National Braai Day or otherwise known at Heritage Day is, for me, thee most Proudly South African say in our calendar. The Braai is auniquelySouth African trait and we take it with us when move away or go on holiday and introduce others to a new way of spending time with friends, family and a good beer or bottle of wine. Just think about it, how many Aussies do you know that get a kick out of using the word “braai”?

I’m sure that I don’t need to talk any more about the wheels of beautiful boerewors, chops of every type and sausage (pronouncedsaw-saaaj) eatenstraightoff the grill with blackened finger tips and a splotch of sauce. And the lesser seen fare of ribs, spatchcocks and from time to…

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